B.E. Wilson does not consider himself an Author. If you ask him, he will coyly smile and say he is merely a storyteller sharing the stories in his head. While this may be fact, it doesn't accurately describe his talent for entertaining readers with his tales. From the success of his first series, Highway To The Stars, to his latest release Marine Summer 2041, Mr. Wilson has delivered powerful and entertaining novels that keep readers glued to their seats page after page. We invite you to preview his tales, these stories in his head he has shared, to see why B.E. Wilson is truly.... a talented writer.  



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 NEW RELEASE  4-9-15


Announcing the release of  MARINE SUMMER - YEAR 2041  the first in this new series and latest publication by B.E. Wilson.    Join Drew Butler on his journey from boyhood to manhood as he enlists in the Unitied States Marine Corps during an apocolyptic period  facing treacherous foes.   As a Marine, he must not only fight to live, but live to fight.   This spellbinding tale will captivate the reader, pulling you into the war of the worlds along with Drew and his fellow Marines.  



 AMAZING READ!!  I absolutely LOVED this book! I couldn't put it down and read it in about a day. I have enjoyed this author's other book as well and cannot wait for more. KEEP GOING!!! So ready for the next one in this series. Much appreciation for the way it kept my attention from beginning to end. WOOHOO!

By Brandy


5star Awesome  WOW, so powerful. I loved it from being to end, and want more. It is a great book with a lot of action and emotion.  

5star   Good read  Well done picked it up at 14:30 and finished it at 19:30. War and Peace it isn't but a damn good read all the same. A great way to kill a few hours looking forward to the next instalment
5star  Oorah!  Boot camp was never like this! When the war intrudes on training, this group of recruits adapts and graduates early. One goes on to become a "suit" and a super war dog, capable of massive havoc. Needs a sequel for more hard Corps action.
5star  Loved it. Can't wait for the next one   Loved it. Can't wait for the next one.



Highway to the Stars - Blood Red Sky,  the next novel in the Highway To The Stars  series is near completion.   Stay tuned for news of the upcoming release.   

If you have not yet read the series premier,  Highway to the Stars - The Beginning,   now is the time to begin your exploration along with John and his band of misfits as they journey where others have only drempt of going.