1.   I'm addicted to music.

2.   I love movies, even the old ones. "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"   is my

      favorite musical,  It's a secret and I will deny it if asked lol. Don't tell anyone.

3.   I love camping and fishing.

4.   I have one brother that is the complete opposite of me.  He never gets in trouble.

5.   I don't throw away good shoes/boots till they die.  Which is around 7 years.

6.   I am single, divorced. Marriage is like a slot machine

      and I haven't hit the jackpot yet.  It's also like playing craps without the dice.

7.   I've never wanted to be known as an author, but a great story teller

      would be...awesome!!!

8.   I'm ashamed to admit it, but a kid has beaten me at videogames.

9.   Why go shopping when you can order everything online now.

10. My smart phone doesn't make me feel all that smart.

11. I come from a long line of immigrants. (They hate when I say this.)

      They emigrated out of the hills of Kentucky and wound up in Ohio.

      No they didn't swim, they actually used the bridge.

12. I have an addiction to snapping bubble wrap.

13. I hate to fly, but I really want to go to space. No fear of flying, just a fear of crashing.

14. I'm a hugger. So watch out.

15. I can dance. Another secret so Shhhhhhhh.

16. I sing the lyrics of songs wrong. I also make up my own to amuse myself. 

      Most get me smacked because I'll sing anywhere music is playing.

17. I can cook better than any woman I've ever dated.

18. I'm not superstious.

19. I write right handed, but I type both handed. Wait that didn't make any sense,

       but you get the picture.

20. And the last thing about me. I freaking love custom motorcycles.