About The Series:

John Kemp awoke that morning thinking that today would be just like any another day, he was wrong. It would turn out to be the worst day of his life.  With a recession looming and the economy tanking, he and his team of automotive engineers would lose their jobs, their research and have their lives changed forever.

Not wanting to give up on years of hard work, they devised a plan to keep their research and their dreams alive. Working for a solution to sustain diesel fuel for extreme mileage, they would call that solution, sustainability.  While searching for sustainability, they discovered something that would change our world forever. Others would steal or kill to obtain this new technology.  Running for their lives they continued to develop their technology, trying to learn its full capabilities and just what purpose it was to be used for.

Treachery and deceit, even from the ones they loved.   They found themselves fighting to achieve their dreams…the dreams of touching a star.

Follow John Kemp and his unusual band of misfits, as they journey where others have only dreamt of going.