In the grim aftermath of an alien invasion, Drew Butler must make a life altering decision, either get drafted or enlist.


With his older twin brothers drafted, and either missing in action or killed, his father convinces him the only way to survive is to enlist and  qualify for the T-1A77 Marine Combat Suit Program.


The Suit, constructed and cross-engineered from an alien power source, was the only weapon having success against the superior and more technologically advanced assailant. It would be the only way to increase his chances for survival.


Following his father’s advice, Drew finds himself thrown into a world he wasn’t quite prepared for. A world that was in disarray. The only structure he would find, would be that of the United States Marine Corps. Struggling to understand, Drew must find his way, his mission and his purpose if he wants to survive.


                       The option for failure is death.







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